How will DORA* affect your company’s IAM program

* Digital Operational Resilience Act

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Are you a financial services company operating in Europe? If so, listen up!

In November 2022, Digital Operational Resilience Act was adopted by the European Council. DORA aims to promote resilience to Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)-related risk for companies doing business within the financial sector in Europe,

But what does it mean? Operational resilience is the result of the effective management of operational risks meaning that policies and rules are in place to prevent catastrophic incidents such as data breaches and cyber-theft. Identifying and mitigating risk in addition to continuous monitoring and testing are examples of ways that companies can reduce any disruption to their operations that could lead to serious consequences.

How does all of this relate to user access, a specialty of Brainwave GRC, and how can you prepare to be compliant with the requirements by January 2025? Follow these guidelines in order to prepare your key IAM activities to enforce DORA policies within your company:

  • puce Manage your access rights.
  • puce Monitor access to non-structured data.
  • puce Perform periodic reviews of accounts and access rights and permissions.
  • puce Consult reports and dashboards highlighting IAM risk
  • puce Analyze past events and IAM incidents

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