How is the quality of your organization's data related to access rights?

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Adopt a "Get Clean, Stay Clean" approach with Brainwave Identity Analytics!

The hiring and firing of employees as well as the use of third-party entities contribute to never-ending changes within a company's information systems. Moreover, the high volume of data, manual input processes and the sharing of information and resources both locally and in the cloud make it difficult to maintain overall data quality which, in turn, can generate risk related to user access rights.

Solutions and tools are available to help companies preserve the highest possible level of data quality.  In this webinar, learn how you can make this seemingly overwhelming task easier and more manageable by using Brainwave Identity Analytics which will assist you in:

  • puce identifying quality issues within access repositories,
  • puce facilitating your company's digital transformation, and
  • puce reducing and controlling risk associated with user access rights.

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