Do you think that proving compliance of your company's access rights is impossible?

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Think again! You got this with Brainwave Identity Analytics!

Audit season is around the corner, so count on identity analytics to quickly and promptly answer your auditors' questions and concerns. Let us help you get over that cringe-worthy feeling of having to gather compliance documentation for them. This webinar will share our revolutionary approach to automated user access reviews, the innovative process that is taking this industry by storm.

Forget about tedious manual processes that rely on spreadsheets and files. Use the power of Brainwave Identity Analytics to correlate your data to produce results and reports within weeks. With our solution, you can:

  • puce identify and monitor anomalies and issues,
  • puce motivate your teams to partake in the review process,
  • puce cover and control the access rights within your organization, and 

  • puce attest to their compliance through detailed reporting.

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